Irlen + Other disorders

For many people, Irlen can be the whole problem. Some others might have a combination of problems.

Dyslexia & Irlen

Irlen and dyslexia are not the same thing, but they share many symptoms (distortions while reading, etc.). Sometimes people are misdiagnosed with dyslexia who really just have Irlen. Some people can also have a combination of Irlen syndrome and dyslexia. If that's the case, getting treatment for Irlen can help--it takes care of the dyslexia-type symptoms that weren't really dyslexia in the first place.

For more info, go to the dyslexia section on Irlen's site:

ADD/ADHD & Irlen

Some of the symptoms of Irlen snydrome (and some common coping stratigies) can mimic ADD and ADHD, causing doctors to misdiagnose people who actually have Irlen syndrome. Treatment for Irlen can completely take care of the misdiagnosed ADD or ADHD.

For more info, go to the ADD/ADHD section on Irlen's site:

Autism & Irlen

The Irlen institute says that about 50% of the autistic population may have Irlen Syndrome. Donna Williams (an autistic author and advocate for autism) and other famous people with autism have described how Irlen lenses have improved their visual perceptual skills and light sensitivity.

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