How to get tested

How to get tested for Irlen

Irlen screener

An Irlen screener finds your overlay color(s). (See a list of screeners in your area)

A “certified Irlen screener" can:

· test you for Irlen Syndrome

· see what color plastic overlay(s) make reading easier and more comfortable

· suggest other things you can do to make life easier at home, school or work. (Hey, maybe you'll even get to wear a cap at school!)

During a screening, which may take 45+ minutes, you will look at interesting boxes, pictures and "X"s and see what happens when you stare at them. (Sounds exciting, no?) And you will answer questions about your reading, your sensitivity to light and how tried, sleepy or stressed you get when you try to read.

You can take one or more overlays home or to school to place over books, other reading materials and computer screens. One or more overlay(s) may magically help you:

· read faster and better

· read with comfort and cut the strain, fatigue and sleepiness

· understand what you read better

· make fewer mistakes

· skim and speed-read better

· run faster than a speeding bullet

· leap over tall buildings in a single bound

· those last two were a joke, for anyone who missed the superman reference there

Note: Overlays are just for reading; Irlen lenses are for everything--reading, driving, looking at the board, etc.

The screener will refer you to an Irlen diagnostician if you:

· are severe

· can't find a helpful overlay color

· want or need Irlen tinted eyeglass lenses or contact lenses

Irlen diagnostician

An Irlen diagnostician finds the tint for your eyeglasses or contacts

(Click above for a list of diagnosticians in your area)

An Irlen diagnostician can do everything a screener does.... plus do further testing and figure out the exact tint(s) for eyeglasses lenses or contact lenses.

A diagnostician has a suitcase full of tints (no kidding!) and often spends two hours or longer finding the right combination of colors (hues) and lightness and darkness of colors (saturation) to correct your Irlen Syndrome symptoms. When you have the right color lenses, you can't see the color! (Weird, huh?)

Insider facts:

Your lens tint color is usually different from your overlay color.

Warning: The wrong overlay or tint can cause symptoms.

Overlays are easy to lose. Decide where you are going to park them at home and at school.

A tiny change in tint can make a huge difference in your reading, headaches, etc.

Prescription lenses or plain lenses can be tinted.

Urgent: Don't get new glasses until you find out the specifications for lenses that Irlen will tint.

If a contact lens color is really weird, the lab can tint just the center.

Little known fact: If your lens color is really weird, you could wear the weird ones at home and just for reading... and get just part of your tint to wear socially. (Some people call that "social tinting." This doesn't cost a lot more when you get inexpensive eyeglasses.)

Watch the glasses ads. Sears, Vision World and other places may have 50% off or "2 for the price of 1" sales.

Your diagnostician may suggest you wear tinted eyeglasses a while before getting contacts.

If your overlay or lenses aren't working as well for you, your glasses may have faded or you may need a new tint.

Your color may change if you have a head injury, medication change, hormonal change, etc.