Books about Irlen

The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Overcoming Learning Disabilities

By Helen Irlen and Larry Trivieri Jr.

Helen Irlen's newest book.

Reading Through Colour: How Coloured Filters Can Reduce Reading Difficulty, Eye Strain, and Headaches

By Arnold Wilkins

2003, John Wiley (Publisher)

The author of this book, Arnold Wilkins, posted a full draft of this book on the web for free download:

Download Reading Through Colour (4 mb PDF file)

The Light Barrier: Understanding the Mystery of Irlen Syndrome and Light-Based Reading Difficulties

By Rhonda Stone

2003, St. Martin’s Griffin (Publisher)

An excellent book by the mother of a child with Irlen Syndrome; good references and resources.

Comment from reader on the 2002 hardback edition:

The importance of understanding how lighting affects us, October 1, 2002

This book explains how lighting affects our lives and our children's lives. It explains why we can be suffering from migraine headaches, not able to catch balls, have reading problems (poor comprehension, eye strain, difficulty in seeing the printed page correctly, become fidgety, etc).

This is a book that all educators, school administrators, physicians, those in the field of optometry, social workers, prison personnel, and especially politicians should read. An even more important group of people who should read this book are parents. You are the ones that can make things happen for your children.

When you discover how lighting can affect your life, you will certainly want to know what to do about it. This book tells everything you need to know about how to change your life if you or someone you know is light sensitive.

By Helen Irlen

2005, Perigee Trade (Publisher)

A fascinating story of how Irlen Syndrome treatment was discovered, etc.

Description from Irlen's site:

Since 1980, educational psychologist Helen Irlen has been researching and developing her method for helping children and adults with perceptual reading and learning problems. RBC explains in easy-to-understand language what a perceptual problem is, the method of identification, and treatment. The book is filled with wonderful descriptions of the wide variety of ways that this problem affects an individual and explains carefully the changes that can take place with the appropriate use of color.

Irlen Children's Books

There are also a few kids books about Irlen. They're a little young for me but, hey, you might like them.

Click on the titles for more info:

Bratty-Cat, Blinky-Roo, and Snooze-Bear

By Susan R. Smith

The Heroic Adventures of Dizzy Jr.

By Cheryl Renee Belch

Jamie Lee and the Magic Glasses

By Jay Luthy (Author and Illustrator)