Videos about Irlen


Boy, does that guy look familiar. An 8-minute overview of what Irlen is,

treatment for it, accommodations and resources.

ABC 4 news feature on Irlen: Interview with an Irlen screener and a kid

diagnosed with Irlen

ABC 4 news feature on Irlen: Similar to the video above, but this one is

more of a news brief than an interview and it's more comprehensive.

Video Testimonials

Casual interviews from people who've been there

This kid had some major reading problems from Irlen. Distortions, etc.

A before-and-after style video of a kid whose symptoms included bad depth

perception. This video also gives you an idea of how you find your lens color

with the diagnostician.

A continuation of the above video. More talking and less visual

demonstrations in this one.

Kelsey had some major problems with migraines before she got her lenses.

A 21 year old who had problems reading and focusing at school before

getting lenses.

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